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Linda's Stone Messages 

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    Since I was a child, I have loved stones. Some of my fondest memories of childhood are sitting between the roots of an ancient oak tree looking for white rocks.

    A few years before opening the shop, I was sent on a journey to North Carolina to find my Watonee, or personal stone.  I found it in a stream near Cherokee. This stone depicts my life. It contains pictures of major events in my life and as my life changes, the stone changes.

    Since then, my gift of the stones has progressed at an unbelievable rate. When I touch a stone, it changes and, quite often, a picture appears on the stone. Many of the stones have messages. For example, the one given to my former college roommate had her deceased husband on the stone. He was looking at her new granddaughter. There are many stones with touching messages, and some contain dire warnings.

    There are also stones of the crucifixion, animals, aliens, people, angels and all of God’s creatures. When I get too serious, often a smiley face will appear on a stone.  In times of personal crisis, a cross often appears. There are hundreds of stones, which I divide into categories:

  •  Message Stones - Hold important messages for someone specific or the collective.

  • Spirit Stones - Not intended for any individual but are only the stones expressing themselves.

  • Watonee - Personal stones that depict and offer guidance for one’s journey.

Linda Bonds

Owner of Stones of Spirit Rock Shop



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